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Your criminal defence attorneys with passion and conviction!

Unafraid and unyielding!

Clients who come into the focus of the criminal prosecution authorities are from this point on noticeably confronted with the power of the state and all its possibilities, including the comprehensive monopoly on the use of force.

As defence lawyers, we form the counterweight to this.
Regardless of whether this begins with an interrogation at the police or public prosecutor's office, a search, a seizure or imprisonment, and regardless of whether you, a relative or acquaintance have come into the view of the law enforcement authorities, guilty or innocent, professional criminal defence is required.

As specialists in criminal law, we can look back on many years of practical experience, and we stand up for the assertion of your rights and interests with appropriate fearlessness.

At every stage of the proceedings, but always as early as possible, you should have yourself defended. The counterweight to the state should be built up as early as possible, and this must never and will never be to your disadvantage!

In the early phase of the preliminary proceedings, the defence is most promising.

We will show you the possibilities of a promising defence in an initial assessment.



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